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After an initial enquiry has been made, clients are invited to choose fabric type (linen for table; linen, sateen, or percale for bed; waffle linen and towelling for bath) plus embroidery, border and trim designs in more than 500 colour ways. Monogramming can be added to all linen. All bespoke items are made 
to order.

"Quality inheres not in the platitude of abundance, but in delicacy, uniqueness, and modesty. The designer has to be attentive to sensations evoked by a place, to the people who live there. "


Colour is an important and integral part of ANGELA WICKSTEAD HOME. 
The complexities of colour are explored through the collection of over 500 embroidery thread hues. Embroidery colours run the gamut from quiet and passive to vibrant and bold. Sometimes the combination can be as simple as white thread on white linen, which is just as beautiful as a stronger combination, such as the Chiara table linen in a powder blue and white stripe boldly edged in red.

They are not equal but each colour story speaks volumes about the function that colour can serve in a textile environment. “Personally, I’m just as in love 
with the quiet combinations as I am with the bold colourways. It’s all about offering the client the opportunity to personalize their home in a way that 
feels right for them.”


Clients can create their own unique experience at ANGELA WICKSTEAD HOME through the monogram design service. Templates are created at the design studio, specifically for each client. The embroidery colours are available for monogramming bed, bath and tabletop linen.

The design studio at ANGELA WICKSTEAD HOME can meet a full range of monogram requirements, from simple to complex. The monogram service allows clients to create something that’s unique to them, whether the monogram is based on their initials or a more elaborate design that evokes special meaning.


Machine wash

To begin, sort linens by colour (whites, light colours, dark colours) and category (sheets, towels, tablecloths). Do not include items made of synthetic fibres nor garments with components that may damage fabrics (zippers, hooks, metal parts). When loading the machine, ensure items are unfolded.

Delicate items with lace and embroidery should be enclosed in a large, lightweight mesh laundry bag. Pillowcases and duvet covers should be washed inside out to protect embellishments.

Wash in cold water. When the wash cycle is complete, remove linens immediately and shake to minimise wrinkles.


Linen is selected to achieve the optimal balance of strength, softness, longevity and comfort. To preserve these qualities, select mild biodegradable liquid detergent free of bleach and whiteners. Avoid powdered detergent or detergents containing alkali and make sure detergent is fully dissolved before water touches the fabric. The amount of detergent needed depends on the linens’ soil level and the water’s hardness.

Drying & Ironing

When machine drying, never dry at high temperatures. Use the low temperature fan and low spin speed settings. Remove from the dryer when damp, then line dry. When line drying, open each item and shake before hanging. Do not place articles in direct sunlight as sunlight will cause colours to fade and white to yellow. When ironing linen, use a steam iron on a warm/high setting. For embroidered linens, iron items on the reverse side and whilst damp for best results. Avoid using spray starch.