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ANGELA WICKSTEAD HOME has an exclusive collection of vintage and antique dinnerware. This boutique offering adds to the ANGELA WICKSTEAD HOME aesthetic. Well-versed in the art of layering vintage 
and antique pieces in a tabletop setting, Angela Wickstead loves sharing her passion for the past 
and present with her clients.

Angela Wickstead personally selects each vintage piece. She believes the juxtaposition of different stylistic elements can elevate a tabletop. By combining the vintage and antique pieces with modern dinnerware and beautiful linen, the overall look is fabulous and fresh.

“Decorating is not just the big picture, it’s very much about the little things, the details that can make a big difference. It’s nice to be able to introduce smaller elements and make it all work beautifully together. 
A wonderful plate or a gorgeous antique dish can take a table setting into a completely new realm.”

“You can mix our vintage pieces with your grandmother’s dishes, or contemporary dinnerware, and create an entirely new table setting. I absolutely believe home is somewhere you pull everything and everyone you love together. Friends and family, vintage and modern, it all mixes into one gorgeous whole.”

Available to view in our store.