Angela Wickstead Home is a purveyor of beautiful classic linens

Since quietly launching in February 2017, Wickstead’s brand has already attracted a devoted international following for its competitively priced luxury Italian bed, bath and table linen.

After 35 years’ experience in the fashion and interiors industries, London-based Wickstead has a sharp eye for detail and admits to being a fabric obsessive. Fabrics are sourced and made-to-order utilising the finest Italian craftsmanship from Italy’s most prestigious mills and heritage factories. 

"Without it sounding too pretentious or design too important, I still believe a good surrounding can make a difference to one's well-being. Beauty exists essentially not in the triviality of abundance but in delicacy, rarity and passion". 

Angela’s vocation within the Fashion and Interior Industry in New Zealand, Milan and London over the last twenty five years has meant that she now brings to the table a personal and unique take on Home and Personable Pieces. Her innate sense of style and experience channels lifestyle, wardrobe and more than aesthetically pleasing, quality focused product.